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Representing Taxidermists across the UK

Welcome to The Guild of TaxidermISTS

Dedicated to the art, science and education of taxidermy,
whilst promoting the highest standards across the UK.

The Guild of Taxidermists

Who we are

The Guild of Taxidermists was formed in 1976 to raise the profile and promote the highest standards of taxidermy within the UK, dedicated to the art, science, and education of taxidermy.

We protect the rights of taxidermists, and actively work with government, related organisations, and associations to secure the future for legitimate taxidermy in the UK. The Guild aids the police and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in their action against the illegal taking of wildlife.

We encourage training including discussion and demonstrations in taxidermy techniques, the circulation of exhibitions of high standard and the provision of information relating to taxidermy for the public, to promote public interest in taxidermy within the British Isles.

What we do

The Guild of Taxidermists brings together is members, a group of talented artists, for its annual 3-day residential conference, which includes:

  • The chance to exhibit specimens and get them judged in multiple categories by highly experienced judges
  • Receiving one-on-one highly detailed and objective feedback to European standards
  • The chance to gain credits towards an accredited qualification
  • Competing in the annual challenge with awards for the Best Novice, Best Amateur and Best Professional
  • Educational seminars and workshops
  • Historical lectures
  • A chance to network and meet like-minded people, swapping ideas and techniques
  • The opportunity to meet taxidermy suppliers and discuss individual needs.
The Guild produces an annual journal, Taxidermist, filled with interesting articles, conference reports, book reviews, interviews, and trade advertisements

Why become a member of the Guild of Taxidermists?

Member Benefits

Members receive full access to the member's section of the website, receive an annual journal, inclusion in the Guild's insurance scheme, opportunity for accreditation, and competitions.

Have your say

Take part in our forums, seek advice from other members and share tips and ideas. Work with legislative authorities to secure the future for legitimate taxidermy in the UK.

Learn Taxidermy

Attend our annual conference and learn from world-class taxidermists during lectures, workshops, and seminars.  Network with fellow professionals. Attain the only taxidermy qualifications recognised in the UK and earn credits to become a specialist or master in your particular category.

Get Listed

The Guild hold a list of members so that institutions and individuals looking to buy or commission quality taxidermy, can easily find an Accredited Member.

Still not convinced?

Are you looking for a Taxidermist?
Do you want to buy or commission a piece of quality Taxidermy?

Have the reassurance of using a professional, qualified Taxidermist

The Guild of Taxidermists runs the only recognised qualifications for taxidermists within the UK, built around credits. These are only awarded to work judged to be of a high standard in anatomical accuracy, quality of workmanship and finishing.

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