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Please read the following FAQs:

  1. I want to become a full time taxidermist.­ Can you offer any advice?
    • Please see our page on Learning Taxidermy which lists qualified members who provide training.  
    • If you have been on a course and know the basics, joining the Guild would be a great help as you will see some great work and be able to attend some advanced lectures.
  2. Can the Guild teach me?
      • The Guild was formed to raise and maintain the standards of taxidermy in the UK and as such we would expect our members to have some basic knowledge of the subject.  We will help members to improve the quality of their existing work but we do not train beginners. To try your hand at taxidermy and gain a good foundation for learning, we recommend you attend a course which is run by a taxidermist that has attained the necessary qualifications within the Guild. Please see our page Learning Taxidermy for a list of qualified members who provide training courses.
  3. I need taxidermy materials, where can I get these?
    • There are a few suppliers in the UK and an internet search for "taxidermy supplies UK" will find them.
    • JHT Supplies sell a good range of supplies -
  4. What price should I pay for taxidermy?
    • The price to buy or commission taxidermy can be wide ranging. It's usually the case (as with most things) that cheaper work is of inferior quality and may not last.  Good taxidermists are considered artists by many and you should bear in mind that you will get something different from each one. Have a close look at a taxidermist's work and buy the best quality you can afford from the taxidermist whose work you like best.  Please see our page on Choosing a Taxidermist which will help.
  5. Can you recommend a taxidermist?  Who is my local taxidermist?
    • Commissioning a piece of taxidermy is similar to commissioning an oil painting - would you choose the person at the end of your street or would you look for an artist whose work you like and price you can afford? Please see our page on Choosing a Taxidermist which will help.
  6. Where can I sell some taxidermy?

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