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Taxidermy Law

Summary of Taxidermy Law Within the UK


Many are unaware that certain rules even exist. The odd person may mention something about a licence but are completely ignorant of the technicalities. It is more surprising, although in a way understandable, when the questions come from members of the enforcement agencies or a confused solicitor.

The laws concerning the purchase or possession of natural history specimens are confusing and those in the trade itself such as taxidermists are, more often than not, at a complete loss. Navigating their way around numerous Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Statutory Instruments and the like is not why they became taxidermists; they simply want to get on with the job they love. The great majority wish to abide by the laws but would rather leave the legal side to someone who can tell them in simple layman's terms what is necessary. Members of the Guild have been able to take advantage of this service for years but not everybody is a member.

Should you come across a dead wild creature and wish to have it preserved, you must consider how the subject met its death. Once you are satisfied that the cause of death was not illegal, make a note of all circumstances surrounding the death, then contact your taxidermist.  If you are unable to ascertain the cause, the information you have can help your taxidermist decide if your specimen can be mounted.  The taxidermist must have this information to hand if it is requested by an authorised person. 

For detailed information and resources on taxidermy law UK Guide of Taxidermists members can visit the member's area here

For more information please visit www.TaxidermyLaw.co.uk

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