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Annual Challenge

The competition is designed to be fun, educational, and rewarding for the competitors and for those watching as the anonymous mounts are judged. The idea behind this challenge is to put all the taxidermists on a level playing field by restricting it to the same pose of the same species and will be open to compete in the novice, amateur and professional classes. Give it a try and your work will be sure to benefit from the intense studying and observation required of each species, as you strive to reproduce the pose as accurately as possible -not an easy task! The entries are judged on anatomical accuracy, copying the pose in the challenge photo, species shape, correctness of fur or feather pattern and craftsmanship – in other words, all the elements seen in the live animal and contained in the reference photo. Groundwork is not judged unless specified

Summer 2020 Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the online Magpie Avian Challenge.

  • Sophie Kiela in Professional
  • Ole Sørensen in Amateur

We had 16 entries in total, 12 Amateur and 4 Professional.

Many thanks to:

  • our Judge Steve Massam for providing great feedback and critique to all entries.
  • Mark Anthony Buhagiar for sponsoring the prizes.
  • Wildlife Photographer Filip Blaauw from Norway for allowing us to use his photograph for the challenge, Instagram: @filipbl from Norway.

And of course, to all participants, I hope you enjoyed taking part and can learn from the feedback from Steve given to you via email.

Challenge Photo

Stepping Magpie

Professional winner - Sophie Kiela

Stepping Magpie - professional winner

Amateur winner - Ole Sørensen

Avian Challenge 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the Wood Pigeon Avian Challenge 2020

  • Sarah Keen for Best Amateur
  • Christopher Redman for Best Novice

Many thanks to our Judges Colin Scott and George Jamieson who led this year's challenge of a wood pigeon.

Challenge Photo

Wood Pigeon challenge photo

Best Amateur - Sarah Keen

Wood Pigeon - Sarah Keen

Best Novice - Christopher Redman

Wood Pigeon - Chris Redman

Mammal Challenge 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the Grey Squirrel Challenge 2019

Joint winners Becky Dick and Andi Probert

Many thanks to our Judge Mike Gadd who led this year's challenge of a grey Squirrel.

Challenge Photo

Grey Squirrel

Joint Winner - Becky Dick

Grey Squirrel - Becky Dick

Joint Winner - Andi Probert

Grey Squirrel - Andi Probert

Avian Challenge 2018

Congratulations to the winner of the Jay in flight challenge 201

Winner Mike Gadd

Challenge Photo

Flying Jay challenge image

Winner - Mike Gadd

Flying Jay - Mike Gadd

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