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Representing Taxidermists across the UK

Taxidermy subject of a deer

Choosing a Taxidermist with Guild Qualifications

Institutions and Individuals looking for a Taxidermist

To make it easier for institutions and individuals looking to buy or commission quality taxidermy, we have listed below our qualified members who wish to be on this list with their preferred contact details. We consider that an Accredited member would be the minimum qualification that a museum would require for any work undertaken.


The Guild of Taxidermists runs the only qualifications for taxidermists within the UK. The system is built around a certain amount of credits that a member can earn. Standard credits are awarded to work which have been judged to be of a high standard in anatomical accuracy, quality of workmanship and finishing. Master credits are awarded to work judged to be of exceptionally high standard.

*Standard credits are not listed until Specialist level is reached.

The Highest Achievement in the UK is

 MASTER Taxidermist (Master in a chosen field) achieved from Higher Credits

Name Bird Mammal Game Head Fish
Contact Details Area Accepting Work

Derek FramptonMaster    01442 257071 Hertfordshire Yes
Mike Gadd Master   http://www.taxidermy.co.uk
Yorkshire Selling Stock
Dave Hollingworth Master   www.penninetaxidermy.co.uk
 Cheshire Yes
Stuart Jefferies Master   www.stuartjefferiestaxidermist.co.uk
Highlands Yes
Steve Massam Master     Falklands No
Emily Mayer
Master   emilymayer@flyingbear.co.uk
 Norfolk No

Master Taxidermist *****

The highest qualification in the Guild gained when three Master credits are awarded in either Birds, Mammals, Fish/Reptiles or Game Heads

This is equivalent to a 5 star rating

A Major Achievement in the UK is
SPECIALIST Taxidermist (Specialist in a chosen field) achieved from Standard Credits

Name Bird Mammal Game Head Fish/
Contact Details Area Accepting Work
Dave Astley
           Yorkshire  Retired
Carl Church SPEC        www.birdtaxidermy.co.uk 
 Yorkshire   No
Sean Connell SPEC        seanconnell65@gmail.com  Carmarthenshire  No

Chris Elliott     SPEC  www.taxidermist.uk.com

077889 71637




Derek Frampton
SPEC SPEC 01442 257071    Yes
Mike Gadd
SPEC SPEC SPEC www.taxidermy.co.uk  Yorkshire Selling Stock
Will Hales
SPEC www.williamhalestaxidermist.co.uk
  Yes & Selling Stock
Steve Heyes
         07514 517070 
Dave Hollingworth
SPEC SPEC SPEC www.penninetaxidermy.co.uk
Dave Hornbrook
SPEC SPEC www.taxidermists.co.uk

01287 630940

Cleveland  Yes & Selling Stock 
George Jamieson

01313 361916

 Scotland Yes 
Stuart Jefferies SPEC SPEC www.stuartjefferiestaxidermist.co.uk

Scotland  Yes
Phil Leggett

SPEC www.taxidermyuk.net

07426 415971

Steve Massam
SPEC          Falklands  No
Emily Mayer

SPEC emilymayer@flyingbear.co.uk Norfolk  No
Kim McDonald
Donal Mulcahy SPEC       www.glenameadetaxidermy.com

+353 861663132

Ireland Yes & selling stock
Steve Newcombe
Colin Scott
SPEC SPEC www.bordertaxidermy.co.uk
   Yes and selling stock
Peter Scott
SPEC SPEC 01900 66267                              pscott1958@talktalk.net    Retired
Dave Spaul
SPEC 01255 428 168    
Jonathan Standing
01539 552252                      jonathanstanding4@gmail.com    Yes
SPEC          Yorkshire  No
Gary Tatterton


01937 581077

 Yorkshire  Yes
Paul Taylor
SPEC 01305 848 952    

Barry Wilson
SPEC amandawilson20@btinternet.com    

Specialist Taxidermist ***

A member who has shown special aptitude in a category to achieve six standard credits from a representative variety in specimens of either Birds, Mammals, Fish/Reptiles, Game Heads or Freeze Drying

This is equivalent to a 3 star rating

Accredited Taxidermist

Someone who is a good, competent, all round taxidermist and has been awarded six standard credits provided there is at least one credit in each of Bird, Mammal and Fish/Reptile

This is equivalent to a 3 star rating


Missing Taxidermists ?

We have other Taxidermists who have done some good work but have not yet managed to achieve the Specialist or Master status.

If a Taxidermist is not a Full Member they will not listed

This is a list of all 2019 Guild Members who have any Guild Qualifications*

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