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 An excellent Seminar was hosted by Carl church over the weekend of 8th & 9th October 2011.

Around 60 people including, full and part time taxidermists, collectors and artists watched Carl start to prepare a common Buzzard by explaining how accurate measurements taken at the very beginning of the process are important later on. Carl then proceeded to skin the bird taking questions from the audience as he went. By mid morning Carl had completely skinned the bird and it was ready for washing.


Carl took a well earned coffee break while Kim McDonald from Taxidermy law gave a very interesting talk on the legal requirements for anyone wishing to have a go at taxidermy and explained how to log a specimen and the importance of keeping accurate records.

Carl Continued with his talk explaining how he washes the bird skin and stressed the importance of a completely clean skin, He then described how he carves a manikin and how the some of the measurements he had taken earlier now come into use. After a question and answer session the day was drawn to an end at around 5pm.

With many of the people attending staying in the village Saturday night was a good social event and people were eager to talk about the day’s events over a beer (or 2)

Sunday morning began with a quick re-cap of the stages Carl had shown us the previous day and used a carrion crow to quickly run through the process again.  Then using his skeletal model to describe how the wires were inserted and how the anatomy was lying under the feathers, the birds were put into lifelike and natural poses and the importance of feather alignment was clearly demonstrated By The end of the two days Carl had completed a fantastic display of two common Buzzards on a sign post with a carrion crow beneath them.

We can confidently say that everyone that attended would have learned a lot from this seminar and would like to say a very big thank you to Carl for organising this event.