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Our 2010 Northern seminar Was held at the Lancashire conservation studios ,St.Marys street .Preston.

Around 20 delegates enjoyed a varied programme of informative practical demonstrations running simultaneusly.



Peter Scot

Peter starting assembly of the mallard

Peter scot gave a verry informative and detailed demonstration of how he Uses artificial heads and legs . He shared his technique with us as he mounted a Mallard duck



James Dickinson

James Dickinson showed an economical method of making glass display cases to protect that special specimen. James explained how he used art paper to make suprisingly strong and verry neat cases .

Steve Toher

Great tips from steve | Only Steve would have a box of Butterfly legs

Steve Toher who shared his methods of setting insects weather it be for incorporating into dioramas or displaying them singularly. Steve shared some invaluable tips which everyone present found extremely interesting.


Fleshing wheel

James about to start fleshing a Red Kite

The Day was finished off with a demonstration of using a wire fleshing wheel to clean bird skins. James dickinson explained how he uses the bird flesher to thoughroughly clean feather tracts on birds. Several delegates were invited to try there hand at using the wheel.

Credits were awarded to :-
Michelle Lew Hooded crow
Will Mathews Boar head
Gary Tatterton Roe head
Barry Wilson Wren.


Many thanks to all who attended and especialy our demonstrators who made this event such a success