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Sutton Bonington seminar 20th August

Just over 20 Guild members enjoyed a full day of presentations and practical demonstrations at the guilds 1 day seminar which was held at the Sutton Bonington campus on Saturday 20th August.


Members were given an in depth presentation on British deer species by the local deer specialist and guest speaker Dave Stretton. Dave used a slide presentation to explain in detail some interesting and sometimes little known facts about Red,Fallow,Roe,Muntjack and Chinese water deer.

Long standing Guild member Barry Williams was next to give an excellent presentation of both the traditional sand filling and modern foam carving methods of fish taxidermy. Barry also explained his tried and tested methods for fin repair.

Barry williams at seminar 2011


After lunch members were shown how to make 'compo' by long time guild member Dave Astley. Dave explained his method of mixing this extremely versatile product and explained how variations on the mixture will give a product that can be used in many applications.

After mixing the 'compo' Dave proceeded to demonstrate how he used it to re-create very realistic rocks and bricks for wall effects and then by altering the consistency he demonstrated how it is used to re-create bark and wood grain effects. Dave also uses 'compo' in his mounted specimens as a filler and for modelling.

dave explains compo

several members bought along specimens for show and credit Judging.

Credits were awarded to Mike Gadd for a Sika Deer shoulder mount

& Steve Newcombe For a lifesize Hyena