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The Guild of Taxidermists wishes to point out that taxidermy is often wrongly linked with other trades and traders in animal skins and derivatives.

Taxidermy is a perfectly legal and respected trade which is governed by strict regulations, covered by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and C.I.T.E.S. We, like any other profession, wish to remain free of association with the criminal element. The Guild of Taxidermists has in the past, and will always assist the authorities at anytime in cases where the trade is brought into disrepute.


Please telephone Kim Mc.Donald 01245 225378 or James Dickinson 01772 530209 The Guild of Taxidermists is working to secure a future for legitimate taxidermy and supports the police and RSPB in their action against the illegal taking of wildlife. It is not illegal to possess taxidermy providing the animal has not been illegally killed. Reputable taxidermists will attach a trade label to their work and supply any relevant licence and full data. Taxidermists obtain specimens from a variety of legal sources such as:

  • Game species.

  • Road kills - Birds: 10+ million per year (Chris Mead/BTO) Badgers: 40,000 pr year (British Federation of the Badger groups).

  • Domestic cat kills: 60 million animals per year.

  • Natural causes.

  • Captive fatalities from Zoo's, Bird Parks, Breeding projects.