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The Guild of Taxidermists wishes to point out that taxidermy is often wrongly linked with other trades and traders in animal skins and derivatives.

Taxidermy is a perfectly legal and respected trade which is governed by strict regulations, covered by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and C.I.T.E.S. We, like any other profession, wish to remain free of association with the criminal element. The Guild of Taxidermists has in the past, and will always assist the authorities at anytime in cases where the trade is brought into disrepute.

Modern Taxidermy.

Taxidermy today has moved on from the way that Victorian taxidermists conducted their studies. We have very strict laws that prevent the illegal killing of certain birds and animals which the Guild support fully and this legal information is shared with all members.

 These days many specimens are found at the roadside. Road traffic is the largest cause of death to wildlife in the U.K. Consultants to the British Trust for Ornithology estimate that almost 2 million creatures are killed on our roads every week

Taxidermy Law

Very few people fully understand the laws governing the trade.

Many are unaware that certain rules even exist. The odd person may mention something about a licence but of the technicalities, they are completely ignorant. It is more surprising, although in a way understandable, when the questions come from members of the enforcement agencies, or a confused Solicitor.